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The Organisation
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Pravah has a Board of Trustees, who takes important decisions to carry forward the vision and mission of Pravah and suggest strategy to strengthen the network.

The Executive Committee is the main body to ensure the effective functioning of the network. It is represented by members from different geo-climatic regions of Gujarat. These members communicate and facilitate the implementation at the regional level with the help of Sankalan samitis.

The Sankalan samitis are the steering committees comprising of representatives from each district which plans and implements the programmes at the regional level.

Pravah has a dedicated team of professionals who are experienced in networking, advocacy and campaign organizing. They function under the guidance of the experienced members of the network.


Board of Trustees

Pravah Board of Trustees is the source of Pravah’s ideology, values and policies. Pravah Board of Trustees play the role of guiding star in the policy making. Generally, meeting of the Board of Trustees is held once in a year, but if required by Pravah, Board of Trustees can meet more than once.


Members of Board of Trustees

No. Name Designation
1. Shri Rajendrabhai Jayswal Chairperson
2 Shri Nafisaben Barot Founder Member
3 Shri Sudarshanbhai Iyengar Founder Member
4 Shri Apoorvabhai Oza Founder Member
5 Shri Indiraben Hirve Founder Member
6 Shri Devuben Pandya Founder Member
7 Shri Lallubhai Desai Founder Member
8 Shri Krupaben Dholakia  Member
9 Shri Shilpaben Vasavada  Member


























Executive Committee

Pravah Executive Committee plays a key role in guiding the Pravah network in proper direction and carrying forward the activities. Pravah Executive Committee constantly guides the Sakalan Samitis of the Regions and Pravah Team. Generally, meetings of Pravah Executive Committee are held every three months.

Members of Executive Committee

No.    Name of Member Representation
1. Shri Mayurbhai Joshi (President) North Gujarat Region
2. Shri Devuben Pandiya Board of Trustee
3. Shri Krupaben Dholakia  Board of Trustee
4. Shri Rajendra Jaiswal Board of Trustee
5. Shri Shilpaben Vasavda Board of Trustee
6. Shri Brijenbhai Thakar Saurastra-1 Region
7. Shri Pravinbhai Bhikadia Saurastra-2 Region
8. Shri Kantibhai Makwana Saurastra-2 Region
9. Shri Jaskanbhai Chaudhry North Gujarat Region
10. Shri Vinubhai Rathod South Gujarat Region
11. Shri Iswarbhai Yogi Eastern tribal Belt 





















Sankalan Samiti

One of the objectives of Pravah is, decentralisation. For establishment of the decentralisation, the activities of Pravah have been distributed in five regions. Scrutinisation of decision making process and effectiveness of activities carried out at the region is being done by Sakalan Samiti.

Members of Sankalan Samiti


No. Name Representation
1 Shri Pankajbhai Dave Centre In Charge
2 Shri Surasangbhai Jamnagar District
3 Shri Arvindbhai Solanki Surendranagar District
4 Shri Nileshbhai Rajkot District
5 Shri Raghavajibhai Metalia Rajkot District
6 Shri Ushaben Kariya Rajkot District
7 Shri Dhirajbhai Dervadiya Rajkot District
8 Shri Karanbhai Surendranagar District
9 Prof. D.S.Kare Jamnagar District
10 Shri Arjunsingh Jadeja Jamnagar District
11 Shri Govindbhai Janmagar District
12 Shri Krupaben Dholakiya Kutch District














No. Name Representation
1 Shri Madhubhai Nandaria Bhavnagar
2 Shri Bhanjibhai Khasia Ahmedabad
3 Shri Kantibhai Makvana Ahmedabad
4 Shri Dipaben Chauhan Amreli
5 Shri Pradipbhai Sodha Amreli
6 Shri Maheshbhai Gajera Junagadh
7 Shri Devchandbhai Savaliya Amreli
8 Shri Rambhai Sindhav Ahmedabad
9 Shri Pravinbhai Bhikadiya Centre Incharge
10 Shri Sangitaben Dave Amreli













North Gujarat

No. Name Representation
1 Shri Lallubhai Desai Manav Kalyan Trust
2 Shri Jaskanbhai Chaudhri Shri Motibhai Chaudhri Foundation
3 Shri Manojbhai Rajan Gram Vikas Seva Trust
4 Shri Jignaben Yoganjali Asram
5 Shri Amarbhai Vyas Jagruti Trust
6 Shri Pinkyben Gandhi Naishargik Trust
7 Shri Vipulbhai Gurjar Shri Shakti Khadi Gramodyog Sangh
8 Shri Hirabhai Prajapati Sabarkantha Gram Vikas Samiti
9 Shri Jagdishbhai Pandya Parivartan Trust
10 Shri Kanubhai Desai Sarvodaya Vikas Trust
11 Shri Mayurbhai Joshi Udgam Chritable Trust












South Gujarat

No. Name District
1. Shri Vinubhai  Thakore Ananad District
2. Shri Raskinbhai Baxi Vadodara District
3. Shri Chandrikaben Bharuch District
4. Shri Minaxiben Padvi Valsad District
5. Shri Bhimsingh Gohel Vadodara District
6. Shri Dhaneswarbhai Pandiya Surat District
7. Shri Vinodbhai desai Surat District
8. Shri Jayeshbhai Gohil Dang District
9. Shri Badribhai Joshi Bharuch District
10. Shri Mahendrabhai Padvi Surat District



Eastern Tribal Belt

No. Name District
1. Shri Sharmishthaben Jagavat Center Incharge
2. Shri Rajendra Jaiswal Board of Trusty
3. Shri Babubhai Prajapati Dahod District
4. Shri Ishwarbhai Yogi Panchmahal District
5. Shri Ravindrabhai Sisodia Panchmahal District
6. Shri Rajendrabhai parmar Panchmahal District
7. Shri Pradipaben Dube Dahod District
8. Shri Ashokbhai Chaudhari Vadodara
9. Shri Bimalbhai Vyas Vadodara



To improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in 5000 villages and 10 small towns by facilitating, strengthening and demonstrating alternative approaches to community managed rural and urban water and sanitation management systems.
The objective is to contribute to achieving MDG 7 by 2015.


To initiate a movement in Gujarat for ensuring safe, adequate and sustainable water supply for drinking and other domestic purposes to all and effective sanitation facilities through out the year.

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